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Evanston Round Table

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For 21 years, the RoundTable has brought fair and objective reporting, in-depth news stories, outstanding features and high-quality photography and design to the Evanston community. As of Nov. 14, we had to stop publishing our print edition because advertising revenues were no longer adequate to cover our expenses.

We are now focusing on upgrading and maintaining our online site, which we established 10 years ago, and which contains more than 17,000 articles in its archives.

To keep local journalism alive in Evanston, we are asking readers who are able to do so to donate an amount, either by mailing a check to Evanston RoundTable LLC, 1124 Florence Ave., Suite 3, Evanston, Il., 60202, or by filling in the form below.

Our mission, to search for truth and the finest chocolate, will remain the same. Your donations of cash will bolster the efforts of our staff to shine the light on Evanston and to keep our online site free and available to all. Any donations of chocolate will bolster our good humor as we do this.

Your support of the Evanston RoundTable LLC is not eligible for a tax deduction.
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