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Thomas Riley Marshall, vice president of the United States for two terms under Woodrow Wilson, was a Hoosier.

He was born in North Manchester, Indiana. But you might best know him as the man who said, “What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar.”

Well, we don’t know about the cigar, but we thought it made sense that a newspaper shouldn’t cost so much, so how’s 13 cents a day sound? The Times 24-7 popular and heavily visited website,, will be available to those who wish to subscribe for $3.99 cents per month, or $42 per year, or just about 13 cents a day!

No one offers more stimulating letters and community feedback! is a local company, so subscription money stays local and not only creates jobs, it helps support other local businesses! And you can access it from home, work, the road. It’s there whenever you want it! Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! The Times has grown into Noblesville news and information leader! And it’s had the biggest and best website for years. Now the best just got better and it’s all there for just thirteen cents a day and a click away!

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